Transition to the Ghost Blogging Platform

The first time I heard about the Ghost blogging platform was during my initial weeks at Hack Reactor. Once I finaly got a few minutes to take a look at it, I knew that I wanted to convert my blog from Jekyll to Ghost. The ability to write my posts in my browser, in markdown and see the preview being generated at the same time was a primary motivating factor. Also Ghost is written JavaScript, which I find very appealing.

In addition I wanted to host my new Ghost blog on Azure. This was going to be accomplished using GitHub to host my repository and taking advantage of the source control selection option of the Azure websites. After doing a little bit of searching I ended up finding Kevin Meurer's excellent post on How to Create a Ghost Blog on Microsoft Azure, which guided me through the setup process quickly and painlessly. As soon as I finished working through the blog post my newly deployed blog was live!